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finefish is more than your basic fish shop – it’s a relationship to where your food comes from, a connection to the ocean and environment, and a right to enjoy high quality seafood on your dinner table that has been sustainably sourced. In a world of imported cheap seafood and mass-produced food stores, finefish strives to offer the community a refreshing alternative. We believe that everyone has the right to accurate information about seafood products. We supply local fresh Australian and New Zealand seafood – Australia has some of the best-managed fisheries in the world! We are honest, listing the provenance of all our seafood products, and we don’t sell products that have been treated with chemicals. We aim to drive positive change in our oceans and environment, and support fisherman and farmers who harvest responsibly and employ sustainable practices. We have a deep respect and love for quality seafood and love to share the joys of cooking and eating fresh seafood with you.


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