Seafood Counter

Our seafood counter is like no other!

Welcome to your neighbourhood fish market!  We are award winning because we are proud to supply only the best seafood everyday.  Only the products that impress us make it to our seafood counter for you to buy.  We offer many fresh cooking ideas to excite your palate and maintain an old-fashioned emphasis on service. Our fishmongers have the knowledge and expertise to educate you about your seafood choices, provide cooking tips and recipes, and even prepare your seafood while you finish the rest of your shopping.


Check out our daily market list to see what seafood finefish has today.

Variety of tastes and flavours

With our incredible selection, a visit to finefish is an expedition of flavours, that includes fresh seafood, specialty frozen products, as well as marinades, sauces, seasonings, herbs and other ingredients you need to complete a meal with seafood as the centrepiece. If you don’t feel like cooking, our chefs have a daily selection of prepared meals for you to enjoy at home: Seafood Chowder, Salmon Patties, Seafood En Paupiette, Thai Fish Cakes and Thai Curries.

Driven by Andrew and Matthew’s enthusiasm for sustainability, education and quality, we pride ourselves on providing the finest selection of seafood every morning.

The variety of restaurant quality seafood is vast: fresh local Yamba Prawns, Coral Trout, Patagonian Toothfish, Smoked Eel, and freshly shucked Oysters, just to name a few.



Offering sustainable seafood is part of our philosophy because we care about the health of the world’s oceans. We are proud to offer Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified seafood. The MSC is an independent, global, non-profit organization set up to find a solution to the problem of over-fishing to ensure healthier marine environments and abundant fish stocks for future generations. We proudly use MSC certified New Zealand Hoki in our Take Away fish and chips.

Commitment to quality

All of our seafood is under close scrutiny from the boat or farm all the way to our seafood case. Our wholesale division, Martin’s Seafoods , has spent over 30 years sourcing out the best quality products from the best suppliers – suppliers who employ the “best practice” philosophy to fishing, processing and farming methods. Our relationships have been built over many years of trust and support, so that we can provide our customers with only quality products.

We are committed to your health, the environment and the integrity of our oceans, and we source seafood domestically and locally whenever possible. We aren’t afraid to challenge standard industry practices that we find questionable, such as using artificial preservatives to boost water weight and extend shelf life, or carbon monoxide to enhance colour. Whether it’s wild-caught or farmed, fresh or frozen, everything in our seafood department adheres to our strict quality standards.

Farmed fish

Farmed fish, when it’s done responsibly, provides high-quality fish, is environmentally friendly and a crucial way to supplement the supply of wild-caught fish. We supply a few varieties of farmed fish, including Salmon, Ocean Trout, Artic Charr, Barramundi and Kingfish. We ensure that we partner with farmers that are environmentally responsible and maintain strict quality standards.


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